How to Easily Move Through Panama City, Panama Airport (Tocumen International)


Tocumen International Airport has several daily flights from the US including from Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Newark, and Dulles Airport. Passengers leaving the United States must have a valid US Tourist Passport, but do not need a visa prior to leaving. US Dollars are the currency accepted in Panama and all prices reflect the cost in US Dollars.


On the flight to Panama, the airline should hand out two documents to non-Panamanian citizens to fill out for Immigration and Customs on arrival. The documents are in English and Spanish so make sure you get the right ones.


Tocumen Airport in Panama has gone through several upgrades over the past several years, it is relatively modern. On arrival, depart the plane and follow the signs to Immigration downstairs. Signs at the airport are in both English and Spanish.


Before entering Immigration, you will need to purchase a Tourist Card if you do not have a valid visa. After going down the escalator, you will see a small booth on your right where they sell the Tourist Card for $5. Please make sure you buy the card here before proceeding to the Immigration Officer.


After purchasing the tourist card, continue on to the Immigration Officer and he will take one of the papers you filled out on the plane and look at your passport and tourist card.


After passing through the Immigration Officer, proceed on to the luggage area and find your baggage carousel and retrieve your luggage.


Then move onto the Customs area where you will need to run your luggage through a screening device similar to the one you would run it through at a security checkpoint. Hand the Customs Officer your other sheet you filled out on the plane and proceed. Pick up your baggage again and exit Customs.


Exit Customs and you now can find your ride and begin your vacation in Panama City. Good luck.

Flying to Panama as a Tourist? Follow these easy steps to get through the airport smoothly on arrival.